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Sean at 16


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Personal Details








Belshill, Glasgow, Scotland


11th November


St. Brides Primary

High School:

Trinity High


Mum - Roseleen, Dad - James

Brothers and sisters - Margaret, Roseleen, James, Thomas, Elizabeth, (Sean), William, Joseph, Anthony, Anmarie, Maureen, and Stephen.


London and Los Angeles, California.

The house in Los Angeles has three bedrooms. There is a large stone fire place in the living area, a grand piano and a cosy couch to fall back into and watch videos at night. Sean likes to entertain friends here too. The garage houses Sean's powerful motorbike.


Motorbike riding, horse riding, jogging, weight training, helicopter flying, most phyical sports, golfing, soccer, skiing - snow and water.


Simple! Hanging out with friends and having a good laugh!

Guinness at the local (or any local!).


One of Sean's many ambitions is to act with Sean Connery. Others include directing movies, breeding Siberian tigers, and raising many kids - even the neighbours'!



Sean (pictured age 16 during a charity tour of Scotland in "Grease" with dance group "The Doubles") grew up in a tough area of Glasgow known as Camuslang. From an early age he knew he wanted to be an actor. As a child he tried to turn his mother, Roseleen, prematurely grey, by leaping out of a third floor window, onto mattresses, pretending to be a stuntman! Upon leaving school, Sean took a building course at college, worked for British Steel as an apprentice, and entered the Territorial Army for two years where he became the youngest Marksman Instructor on weapons, representing Scotland as a marksman in the European Championships. With the yearning to be an actor still strong, the 19 year old Sean packed his bags, and with £500 savings, shipped off to California.It was tough! Sean says "The glamour you see on television is not what it is about.. California is a very scary place if you are by yourself. I was living in a truck in the streets because I didn't know anyone".

He had jobs which included cleaning pubs, construction work, cutting fish and his career began in modelling, and as a stuntman. His stunt work has included being set on fire, and leaping from 20-storey buildings. Sean was also trained to perform motorcycle stunts and that training has saved his life in several accidents away from the set.

Sean has appeared in 'Cagney and Lacey' all of 22 times, Hill Street Blues, and doubled for Ryan O'Neil in `Irreconcilable Differences`.

Prior to returning to Britain, Sean jetted all over the world as a model, and was much sought after in America. Contracts took him to Switzerland, North Africa, Iceland, Spain, France, Italy, East Berlin and the USA. During 1988 alone. This involved making commercials, billboard posters and modelling clothes for top fashion houses of the world.

But Sean has always set his heart on becoming an actor and when he returned to England he rang up an agent he had heard about, and convinced her that she had to meet him. He sat for half an hour doing dog and cat impressions and police radio impersonations until she was speechless with laughter! The agent then rang Chatsworth Television who were planning the series of "Interceptor", and said, "I've got this crazy guy from Glasgow who's been all over the world working. I can't figure him out. I don't think anyone will. Could you see him?"

And they did. After three hours of discussion about the character with the Direcotor and Producer, the other 150 hopeful actors had no hope SEAN O'KANE was here and the "Interceptor" was born.

Sean has since appeared in countless films, TV series and commercials, and at the moment Sean, indominable as ever, is enjoying the challenges his acting career has to offer. His advice to YOU is:

"Set a goal for yourself. Believe in it. Get a hold of it, and don't let go of those horns until you can calm that bull down!"




The Interceptor Series Lead Carlton T.V.
Dream Team Series Regular Hewland T.V.
What's My Line Recurring Thames
Grange Hill Recurring BBC
Taggart Guest Star STV
Sharpe's Justice Guest Star Carlton
Frans People Guest Star BBC
Teri MacIntyre Guest Star BBC


Something From Nothing Lead Maxim Pictures
Magic Island Co-Lead Paramount Pictures
Million Dollar Baby Voice Over Warner Brothers
Wyatt Earp Voice Over Paramount Pictures
Patriot Games Voice Over Paramount Pictures
Tall Tale Voice Over Disney Studios
Blown Away Voice Over Warner Brothers
Leap Year (2010) Voice Over Universal
The Saint Featured Paramount Pictures
All of Me Featured Columbia Tristar
Irreconcilable Differences Featured Columbia Tristar
Frank Nitty Story Featured Universal


Hollywood Hollywood Vincent Masquers Theatre
The Hastie Heart Lachie Zacharias Studio


Conflict List Available Upon Request


Janet Alhanti
Actors Studio in London

Special Skills

  • Boxing
  • Sword Fighting
  • Motorcycle Riding
  • Advanced Driving
  • Golf
  • Various Dialects and Voices



2011 showreel - watch | download

2005 showreel - download



17 Ambleside Terrace,
Tel: 07454 206024



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