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Sean O'Kane 2007


Here are brief news snippets announcing Sean's projects.

  • Wednesday 26 February 2014:

    Sean has a new agent in the UK:

    17 Ambleside Terrace,
    SR6 8NP
    Tel: 07454 206024

  • Saturday 30 October 2010:

    Sean was recently interviewed by Eddy Gemmell on 3TFM in Scotland for a careers feature for Eddy's radio show. You can listen to the interview here.

  • Thursday 18 September 2008:

    Sean has very recently been working on a project for Foghorn Films entitled "The Crews". Sean is one of three leads and plays DCI Strachan - a force to be reckoned with who attempts to bring down drug lords in Glasgow. Pictures taken during the recent filming can be found in the television section. More information on this production can be found in a interview with Sean by icLanarkshire. Look out for more news on this project on soon.

    More news on "Senseless". The movie is nominated for several UK awards at the Raindance film festivale in Londoan on October 4th.

  • Sunday 4 March 2007:

    Sean recently completely some voice dubbing for "Senseless" which has now completed production. For more information and to view a trailer, please click here. Please be warned that the trailer shows graphic scenes of torture! "Senseless" also has an IMDB page, here.

    Sean also has an involvement with a production called "Negative Space". He plays a character called "Hammish" in a scene with lead actress Julia Saint Paul. Watch out for more details here and on IMDB, here

  • Saturday 13 May 2006:

    Sean has been working this week on a production called "Senseless". In this film which should be released later in the year, Sean plays a character called Mr Gast in flashback sequences from the lead character's childhood. Details of this production are already starting to appear on IMDB.

    The film Sensa is understood to be in the process of being edited. A still from this production was added to the site last October.

    The film "Quietus" is currently on hold.

  • Thursday 13 October 2005:

    The new "Sensa still" found in the Film / Images section is from a full length feature which is still in production. Sean plays Harold. The film is being shot independantly and is directed by Kevin Abosch a world Famous photographer who is now venturing into film.

    Sean will shortly be starting work on a new film called "Quietus" in which he will play a psychiatrist called Dr Murray. This will be filmed by Warpath Entertainment.

  • Wednesday 9 February 2005:

    A brand new 2005 showreel is now available. Click here to download.

    The film "Magic Island" in which Sean starred as Jolly Bob will be airing on BBC2 in the UK on 14th February.
  • Sunday 19 December 2004:

    The episode of Taggart "Saints and Sinners" featuring Sean will air in the UK on Thursday December 30th at 9:00pm.
  • Monday 23 November 2004:

    Sean has been auditioning over in the states recently. Hopefully, more news concerning forthcoming work will be posted shortly.
  • Sunday 14 December 2003:

    Sean has recently completed the filming of a new episode of Taggart. Episode 66 titled "Saints and Sinners" will be broadcast in the new year. Sean plays a high powered lawyer call Richard Flett. Pictures of his characters demise can be found in the TV section.
  • Sunday 19 October 2003:

    Please note that Sean's agent has a new address and can be found on the "Profile" or "About the site" pages.

    Sean's latest role is as a high powered lawyer (Richard Flett) in an episode of Taggart. This episode is currently being filmed and will be broadcast early in the new year.

    Other recent work includes a European commercial for Pringles and a "National Scottish Sun Commercial as a sound bite to advertise anything Scottish".

    Finally, keep watching this site as it will be undergoing a redesign over the coming months, with more photographs and more features.
  • Monday 8 April 2002:

    Sean has recently been in Glasgow filming for a new BBC Scotland production - "Fran's People". He appeared in one episode alongside former Deacon Blue singer Lorraine McIntosh. The episode has already been aired on BBC Scotland however it should be repeated at some point perhaps on BBC Choice.

    This latest role came as a result of appearing in another BBC Scotland comedy series called "Terri McIntyre" which aired on BBC Scotland last year and has also more recently aired on BBC2 on Friday evenings. The same production unit are responsible for both series.

    Sean will begin filming another series of "Terri McIntyre" in the summer.
  • Saturday 21 April 2001:

    A new role for Sean! He recently filmed an episode of Terry McIntyre - a comedy for BBC Scotland. It was recently aired on BBC Choice.
  • Thursday 6 May 1999:

    Sean has recently completed three radio commercials for John West. This is due to the success of the television ads last year (soon to be repeated), which has recently been voted campaign of the year.
  • Sunday 28 March 1999:

    Sean has recently completed a commercial for Lego which will be broadcast worldwide later this year.
    More recently, Sean was involved with a 55 second commercial for the RNLI - filmed in Blackpool by Smith & Jone's production company. It is hoped that the full commercial will be aired at cinemas in the UK as the new Star Wars film is released.
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