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"Captain Paul" in a magazine shot taken whilst filming the John West tuna TV commercial

Commercials | Movies

Here are a selection of clips from commercials featuring Sean O'Kane.



File Size

Showreel 2005
Sean O'Kane showreel (2005)
3m 31s 16.8 mb
Advert for the R.N.L.I. (1999)
1 min 4 secs 4.7 mb
"Captain Paul"
Advert for John West (1998)
31 secs 2.2 mb
Ad for "Wake Up" cereal drink (1998)
33 secs 2.4 mb
Ford Sierra Azura
TV advert (1991)
41 secs 3 mb
Nestle Jive
Dutch TV advert
35 secs 2.6 mb
"Duyvis Cowboy"
TV advert for "Duyvis Snacks"
47 secs 3.5 mb
TV advert
47 secs 3.5 mb
TV advert
1 min 4.4 mb
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